Negotiations Continue Between JSU and Jacksonville City Schools BOE

Photo of budget materials

September 13, 2018
Lee Fuller

Jacksonville City Board of Education Meeting

  1. Call to Order
  2. Roll Call – All present
  3. Approve Agenda –
    1. a. Amended to include item 10d below – Unanimously Approved
  4. Approve minutes of 8/20/18 – Unanimously Approved
  5. Public Comments on Agenda Items – no comments
  6. Recognitions
    1. Ms. Erika Clark and Mr. Russell Waits shared students that scored successfully scored 3 or higher of their AP Exams this past year. Certificates were presented to the students that received a score of 3 or higher. There were a total of 45 students that received this honorable certificate; 18 current students and 27 students who graduated last year.
    2. Hilarie Howard AP Biology Teacher was also recognized for becoming an AP reader which requires much more training and gives great experience and insight for her students. Ms. Lauri Elam also became an AP reader, but was unable to attend the BOE meeting.
    3. Mr. Smith has been on the board since 2010 and the Board would like to show their appreciation.
  7. VII. Finance Report – Unanimously Approved
    1. Accountability report – $91,316.85 in total accounts payable accounts
      1. $3,631.44 state funds
      2. $12,145.22 federal funds
      3. $75,540.19 local funds
    2. Financial Statements – posted to the district website for public viewing and filed with the State Board of Education – BOE Website  (to open file click the option you want, ie “monthly financial statement”, and it will open the google docs file that corresponds)
    3. Combined Bank Reconciliation $4,357,618.67
  8. VIII. Second Reading of Proposed 2018-2019 Fiscal Year Budget – Unanimously Approved
    1. Only two changes from first reading
      1. $739 for ESL – state funds
      2. $3,700 for the gifted program – state funds
    2. The bottom line did not change with a projected deficient of $221,000
  9. IX. Superintendents Report and New Business
    1. Recommendation to approve the 2018-2019 Supplement Schedule – Unanimously Approved
    2. Recommendation to approve the 2018-2019 Capital Plan – Unanimously Approved
      1. High School roofing repairs
      2. High School flooring in the common hall, band room, library, and gym
      3. The District office relocation – when pressed for the reason for the location Mrs. Watson said that the negotiations were still ongoing with JSU. Per the advice of the attorneys no discussion should be held regarding the negotiations. She then simply stated that the District Office has to relocate. More will be made available to the public once an agreement has been reached.
      4. Kitty Stone Classroom expansion
      5. Funding
      6. Climate control in the high school gyms
      7. Restrooms added to the stadium and maintenance facility at the stadium
  10. X. Personnel
    1. Recommendation to accept the resignation of Catherine Humphrey as cafeteria worker at Kitty Stone Elementary – Unanimously Approved
    2. Recommendation to approve the employment of Kari Pruitt s Custodian at Jacksonville High School, 187 day contract, Step 8 on the Jacksonville City Schools Building Salary Schedule, effective October 2, 2018. – Unanimously Approved
    3. Recommendation to amend the salary of Elizabeth Green from Step 6 to Step 7 on the Jacksonville City Schools Teacher Salary Schedule, effective August 1, 2018 – Unanimously Approved
    4. Recommendation to amend the Superintendent’s contract to include a professional liability clause – Unanimously Approved
  11. XI. Confirm Date of next Board Meeting – Work Session will be 9/25/18 5:30pm. The board business meeting will be 10/4/18 6:00pm at the Public Safety Complex.
  12. XII. Announcements and Guests
    1. Students are at JSU Stadiums participating in the Calhoun County Exposition.
    2. No School Friday
    3. Friday JHS plays Cherokee County at Cherokee County.
    4. Saturday is the mattress sale
  13. XIII. Adjourn – Unanimously Approved


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