Jacksonville’s Talented Students – BOE Meeting 10/25/2018

Recognition in text

October 26, 2018
Lee Fuller

  1. Call to Order
  2. Roll Call – All Present
  3. Approve Agenda – Unanimously Approved
  4. Approve Minutes of October 4, 2018 Special Called Board Meeting – Unanimously Approved
  5. Public Comments on Agenda Items – No comments
  6. Recognitions –
    1. Rhonda Tinker announced recognition of a few Kitty Stone teachers who served last year and this year to lead the professional learning teams.
      1. Jill Trued
      2. Marie Harvey
      3. Dinah McGowan
      4. Ashley Smith
      5. Wanda Ramsay – present for recognition
      6. Leah Henderson
      7. Jessica Barksdale
      8. Ivye Hayes – present for recognition
      9. Hannah Gunn – present for recognition
      10. Karen Nelson – present for recognition
      11. Leigh Albright – present for recognition
    2. Russell Waits announced recognition a few Jacksonville High School students for the Soaring Eagles Program.
      1. Sept Jr High – Jada Giddings – present for recognition
      2. Sept Sr. High – J’Mya Kite
      3. Oct Jr High – Fisher Anderson – present for recognition
      4. Oct Sr. High – Amorai Bolton – present for recognition
    3. Mr. Waits also wanted to announce that Alexis Johnson was recognized for winning the Alabama Association for gifted children logo making contest. – present for recognition
    4. Mr. Waits also recognized the volleyball team and football team for their successes as well as the band.
    5. Dr. Mark Petersen wanted to recognize National Principals Month. He really wanted to thank all the principals of Jacksonville City School for going above and beyond their duties in the service of our students and their education.
      1. Rhonda Tinker – present for recognition
      2. Erika Clark – present for recognition
      3. Russell Waits – present for recognition
    6. Dr. Petersen also wanted to recognize the board of education members who have attended continued education training
      1. Ed Canady – present for recognition
      2. Jeff Gossett – present for recognition
      3. Marita Watson – present for recognition
    7. Dr. Petersen also wanted to recognize Phillip Noah for loyal service. Mr. Noah will be retiring on November 1, 2018. – present for recognition
  7. Finance Reports – Unanimously Approved
    1. Accountability Report
    2. Financial Statements
    3. Combined Bank Reconciliation
  8. Recommendation to amend Exhibit A – Retiree Contract Job Descriptions – Unanimously Approved
  9. Recommendation to approve Maintenance Worker – Part time Temporary Job Description – Unanimously Approved
  10. Personnel – – Unanimously Approved
    1. Recommendation to accept the resignation by retirement of Phillip Noah effective Nov 1, 2018
  11. Confirm Date of Next Board Meeting – November 15, 2018 4:30 pm work session followed by the 5:30 pm business meeting at the Public Safety Complex. The December meeting has a conflict at the public safety complex for the date set of December 13. A decision was reached to move the meeting location to the Central Office and to keep the date of December 13, 2018 at 6:00 pm.
  12. Announcements and Guests
    1. Football game at Hokes Bluff.
    2. The Bonfire and Burger event was rescheduled for November 8th
    3. Exchange Club will meet November 8, 2018 at the Kitty Stone Library Veterans Day Program November 9, 2018 at 1:15 pm at Kitty Stone Elementary
  13. Board Member Comments – Mr. Canady stated he was proud of all the events and staff and students hard work. No further comments. 
  14. Adjourn – Unanimously Approved

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