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December 17, 2018
Lee Fuller

  1. Call to order
  2. Roll call
  3. Approval of Agenda – Unanimously Approved
    1. Removed two items from the agenda.
  4. Approval of Minutes from 11/15/18 – Unanimously Approved
  5. Public Comments – No comments
  6. Recognition’s –
    1. Principal Rhonda Tinker (KSE) wanted to recognize two students who competed in the Calhoun County Ag Fair Poster Contest.
      1. 3rd place was Ellie Bonds and earned a $50 cash prize.
      2. 1st place was Brianna Altman and earned $100 cash prize.
  7. Finance Report – Reports presented by Dr. Petersen and available on the district website. – Unanimously Approved
    1. Accountability
    2. Financial Statements
    3. Combined Reconciliation
  8. Superintendent Report and New Business
    1. Information Item: The Jacksonville City Schools FY 2018 Accountability Report is now Available at the Central Office for Review – Available at the central office
    2. Information Item: Proposed Revision of Board Policy 2.10 (VI(B)) – Non-Resident students – Will be available for 30 days for the public to review.  At that point a vote will be taken to be approved or disapproved.
    3. A quote was received regarding the geo-technical exploration for three properties.  To do them all is $6,000.  Individual testing will be $4,000 for each of the three properties. – Unanimously Approved to do all three.
  9. Personnel – Unanimously Approved
  10. Confirm Date of Next Board Meeting – Unanimously Approved
    1. January 24, 2019 at the Public Safety Complex at 6 pm with a 5 pm work session
  11. Announcements and Guests
    1. School holiday closures
    2. Exams
  12. Board Member Comments
    1. Wishing everybody a Merry Christmas
  13. Adjourn – Unanimously Approved


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