JSU Issues Scam/Fraud Alert

JSU issued a scam alert

March 5, 2019
Jim Evancho

Buffy Lockett of Jacksonville State University has issued a press release regarding people attempting to gather donations for a chili cook-off.

From JSU:

“University and local police are investigating reports of an individual falsely representing themselves as a JSU student seeking donations for a chili cookoff fundraiser. The university is unaware of any such event being organized by a JSU club or organization at this time. Police urge citizens to be vigilant and, if contacted by this individual, to report it to your local police department. To check the validity of a student fundraiser, call the Dean of Students Office at 256-782-5491”.

If you are contacted by anyone identifying themselves as a JSU student who is attempting to collect funds for the “Chili Cook-off”, politely decline and then safely notify the Jacksonville Police Department at (256) 435-6448.

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