Funding for a New City Firetruck Announced at the Jacksonville City Council Meeting

Photo of budget materials

June 10, 2019
Lee Fuller

Work Session

  1. Call to Order
  2. Roll Call – All present
  3. Acceptance of Minutes – No discussion
  4. City Council Vacancy – Per City procedure secret ballots are not allowed. All qualified applicants will be certified to ensure they meet qualification requirements. Those names would be discussed at the next work session. The city attorney discussed the specific rules and legalities. No portion will be behind closed doors.  All discussion and voting will be done openly. If the selection is not made 60 days from the next meeting then than the Governor can appoint someone or force an election.  The consensus was that the opening would be announced. The qualification of being a Jacksonville resident would have to be verified and the candidate must be a registered voter. From those that submit a resume, the council will nominate from the pool that has been certified. The next meeting will be June 24th. Resumes and letter of interest will be accepted until June 18th.  At the meeting on June 24th the council will discuss certified candidates. Each member of the council will select his or her top two choices.  If a consensus is met then the vote will be held on the 24th at the scheduled city council meeting and the vacancy will be filled.  If no consensus if met, further discussion will be held and a new date set to vote.
  5. Progress Report on 11th Street Lot – This job is about 30-40% complete. Stanley Carr is down about five operators and that is slowing the process.  They are also working to avoid cutting any live trees.  The project is moving forward.
  6. Any Other Business – There is a vulture issue. The vultures have moved from Mountain Ave to 5th The USDA came to work with Animal Control on the 11th to assess and assist with the issue.  Vultures are protected so the city is working with the USDA who is licensed to handled the protected birds.  The maximum cost to the city to have the USDA make an assessment is $800.

City Council Meeting

  1. Call to Order
  2. Invocation: Rev. Jim Wilson, Chaplain RMC Anniston
  3. Pledge of Allegiance
  4. Roll Call – All present
  5. Adoption of Minutes – May 30th zoning work session, the meeting work session, and the city council meeting. – Unanimously Accepted
  6. Adoption of Agenda – One addition to the consent agenda – Unanimously Accepted
    1. Addition to personnel. One promotion and one resignation
  7. Proclamation – No proclamations
  8. Public Comments Concerning Agenda Items – No Comments
  9. Consider action to authorize the Mayor to sign the Annual Ambulance/EMS Provider Affiliation Agreement with Gadsden State that allows Emergency Medical Technician students enrolled in the emergency medicine course of study to gain field experience. – Unanimously Accepted
  10. Consider action to accept the resignation of Council Member Jimmy Harrell, effective June 10, 2019. – Unanimously Accepted
  11. Purchases Over $5,000.00 – Unanimously Accepted
  12. Other Personnel Items – Unanimously Accepted
  13. Boards/Committees/Council – No items to vote on
  14. Public Comments for General Items – Don Killingsworth spoke regarding the International Town and Gown Conference that was held in PA. He wanted to share that there are many common issue across the country when a college is in a city. One of the main points that he wanted to discuss was the  Town and Gown Committee.  We do have one, but he would like to revamp that committee. He would like to open it up to facility, students, and community members to have a larger voice. He is asking the council to review and have further discussion at a later meeting.  He also wanted to thank Senator Marsh and Representative Brown for securing funding through JSU for the city in the amount of $95,000  that will be arriving in the fall.  JSU would like to put that towards a new fire truck.  He also stated he hopes this will be a long-term benefit and continued monies for the city.
  15. Council Member Remarks – Councilman Galloway stated that Jimmy Harrell will be missed and was always welcome to come and visit. The full council stated how much he would be missed.
  16. Mayor’s Report – The Mayor really praised the summer day camp run through Jacksonville Parks and Recreation. Third Fridays have started back so please come out and join everyone. He also stated that the VeoRides are averaging about 120 riders a day.   The Mayor also thanked Don Killingsworth for his time and effort.
  17. Any Other Business – No other business
  18. Adjournment – Unanimously Accepted

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