Police Chief Addresses Handicap Parking in Jacksonville

Jacksonville handicap parking

July 10, 2019
Jim Evancho

Recently there have been some complaints around Jacksonville where people that are not handicapped are parking in handicapped places. This prompted Police Chief Wood to seek advise from the judge and prosecutor in how to better enforce the law.

Chief Wood issued a press release (see below in its entirety):

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JULY 10, 2019

The Jacksonville Police Department recently received a complainant from a concerned citizen about the inability to use van accessible handicap parking at different businesses across the City of Jacksonville, because individuals with or without placards were continuously parking illegally making it difficult or impossible to use a wheel-chair ramp. Since that time, the police department has received interpretation on this new statue with the Jacksonville City Judge and Prosecutor, and received their advice on the best practices for enforcing the statue.

Therefore according to Alabama Code Section 32-6-233.1:

Unauthorized use of parking places.

  • It shall be unlawful for any person who does not have a distinctive special long-term access or long-term disability access license plate or placard or temporary disability placard as provided in Section 32-6-231, to park a motor vehicle in a parking place designated for individuals with disabilities at any place of public accommodation, any business or legal entity engaged in interstate commerce or which is subject to any federal or state laws requiring access by persons with disabilities, any amusement or resort or any other place to which the general public is invited or solicited, even though located on private property, and upon conviction, notwithstanding any other penalty provision which may be authorized or employed, shall be fined a minimum of fifty dollars ($50) for the first offense, a minimum of two hundred dollars ($200) for the second offense, and a minimum of five hundred dollars ($500) for the third or any subsequent offense.

Officers will enforce this statue according to how it is written. This is NOT what many will consider to a revenue source, this is about doing what’s right and making sure that citizen’s complainants are taken serious and handled in a timely manner. This is NOT a City of Jacksonville Ordinance, this a law made by the legislative branch of our government.   I urge anyone that this applies to, to look up the above statue and read it in its entirety.

If you have any question you may contact the Jacksonville Police Department at 256-435-6448.

Chief Marcus Wood

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Chief Wood cautions drivers that do not have a handicapped license plate or placard to stay out of the handicapped parking places or risk being fined.

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